Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be careful to choose good printing company, because it is most important part of your business and printing objects.


Make sure that all the details you put are made at its simplest form. Your sentences would be kept short but this does not mean that the details and meaning of the sentence would also be sacrificed. Keep your lines short but meaningful and keep your details at a minimum because this is where less becomes more.

What you have to do is maximize all the spaces by balancing the white spaces, with graphics, and other designs so as for it not to look crowded. You do not have to fill it all up with details. Make sure that the layout is nice to look at.


Do not mistake small details by emphasizing it. This is where you must learn how to use bold letters, italics or underlines. Know what to emphasize and what not to emphasize.

Paper - Stock

This would all depend on the designs and the layout that you are going to come up with. Consider the thickness and the finish of the paper because some designs look its best when combined with the right paper. You should also give importance to the choice of paper that you are going to use.


As a result, this could mean higher printing cost for you may have avail spot colors You should also consider your budget when you think of the color because some colors may be beyond the color palette of CMYK. Putting too much color in the design product would make it unpleasant to the eyes. Keep the colors simple.

Double Check

For once the proof is approved, there is no going back to make revisions and you might as well have thrown all your effort out the window. This is the most important point where you have to go through all little details so there are no imperfections. Opt for a hard-copy proof for a better look at the colors. When everything has been said and done, you must check your proof for all the possible errors. This is probably the most important tip you will encounter.